Body Language at Jason Vass.  Read the press release, here.


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Charles Ray documented the stages of CNC work and materials used to articulate every detail of "Young Man" (2012), a 1,500-pound sculpture in solid stainless steel.


Venus in orbit. I'm going to need bigger doors.

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How Larry Bell Produces His Metalized Work


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Hydraulic computers behind the structure generating process.

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Post-Industrial Bride section in the studio. One of 19 in this piece.


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"...a kind of visual language that seems to belong to an age accustomed to receiving its visual information from a monitor screen..." New York Times, January 10, 1993



Light info on social with link back to website for deeper info if viewers are interested via a url link in the social post.

Result:  The IG stays visual.  The strategy becomes searchable and available but not out front. The website copy can be as light or as information as the client wants.


Example 1:  Link to detailed copy.  Please click.

 Social copy: "Two of my favorite inspirations"

Example 2:  Or, social links to the inspirations page. 


 Social copy: "De Wain Valentine's California-centric celebration of color, light, surface and innovation."

Example 3:  Artwork posted on social would link to the artwork page with dimensions, materials and "museum wall-style text"links to the inspirations page. 

 Social copy: "Outburst in the studio"

Or, the artwork could link to the general Artworks page: